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Date: 22nd July 2016
All I Want For Christmas You
All I want for Christmas youJudy had just graduated from university and was working as an intern with a financial company. She was an ambitious person with plans of making it big one day. That day, she was listening to all I want for Christmas you, when her friend and co-worker Brian walked in through the door. He had an excited look on his face and began to sing all I want for Christmas you when Judy asked him what the matter was. He told her that he had been to a wealth program hosted by Igor Alexander Ledochowski called The Money In Your Mind, and that it had completely changed his views on how to get rich.Igor?s course is more than your typical abundance consciousness course. It?s a comprehensive learning and action oriented course that puts you in touch with true wealth. All that?s required is to watch one DVD (60-80 mins) a day for 15 days. It guarantees new-found financial optimism in two weeks or less. Igor stresses on the Wealth Learning Triangle which has three sides; inner learning for the conscious mind, inner learning for the unconscious mind and outer learning. Most courses focus on only two sides of the wealth triangle and people fail financially because they don?t have the requisite knowledge and instructions required. Igor?s favourite song was all I want for Christmas you and by "you" he meant money. Igor toiled for years to accumulate the knowledge, behaviours, and the way of being wealthy in the world, in an efficient way. When the training was ready, Igor offered it in a private, exclusive seminar where 650 people applied for 9 spots, it was that successful. The resultant 15 DVD program was called "how the rich keep getting richer and how you can too". Brian told Judy that it was the most effective , comprehensive and practical training on getting rich ever on offer. The DVD?s contain MEME?s (money expanding mind exercises) to transform a person?s wealth thinking and actions, starting subconsciously and taking it into everyday life. Igor went on to record 8 MEME audio cd?s, to lock in the valuable wealth mindset changes.?When Igor gave his training , it was valued at $997. Upon consultation with his partner Cliff, they decided to reduce the price for an "early bird" session to $397 , which is a 60 person reduction in the retail price because of the introductory offer. Shipping is free in USA and discounted international shipping of $29.97 worldwide. There is also a 60 day full money back guarantee. Judy was so excited by all this news that she began singing all I want for Christmas you. Within a few months, Judy saw that her mindset had changed, she began to think like a rich person and took excellent decisions which started her meteoric rise to the top.
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