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Date: 22nd July 2016
How Many People Are In The World
How many people are in the worldWell people randomly some times for the time pass divert towards the Google search and people mostly have those mad ideas and those crazy questions in their mind and they frequently ask those questions from Google and there are a lot of articles related to all those question on Google and one of those question people as the most is that, "How many people are in the world?", well if you do like the counting then try to count the number of members in your family and that seems too much an easy of a task to everyone, now how about if I say try to count the number of students in your class room that would be a little a very little difficult task then the previous one but you would still manage to answer it somehow. But what if I ask that try counting number of people in your collage, or in your town, or in your town, or the city you are living in, or the country you are living in or what if I say how many people are in the world? Would you answer then??Have you been curious or ever wondered about the fact that how many people calls earth their planet and their world well an estimated study through different scientists and professionals suggests that the world wide population of the plant earth is more than 7 billion yeah you have heard that right an approximate valuation of 7.1 billion people are living in the world.?So the question her arises that how many living beings those 7 billion are it?s a humongous figure and it?s a fact that no one can calculate it by just saying like there is an estimate that if you start counting from 1 to 7 billion then it would take almost 200 years for you to count up till the last figure of the 7 billion term and obviously you won?t live that long to count the figure.?So you would wonder where those all 7 billion people lives, so I would tell you about the 10 most populous countries of the world and they are:?????????? China????????? India????????? United State????????? Indonesia????????? Brazil????????? Pakistan????????? Nigeria????????? Bangladesh????????? Russia????????? JapanAnd you would be surprised to know that China and India population combined is more 1 by 3rd of the total population of the world.?And the world population is increasing day by day and it is an alarming situation towards all the people in the world because one issue that arises is that the resources in the all wide world are not less as compared to all the people living in the world, and the reason for the increase in the population is that every year more babies are born then every year people dies and hence the ratio is increasing on the daily basis. So people need to rise some awareness about the population because it will be very alarming situation.??
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