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Date: 22nd July 2016
How Many Steps In A Mile
How many steps in a milePeople usually ask this question "How many steps in a mile are?" and the answer to that questions varies to some extant some answers are according to the normal height persons and normal steps but some people are extra tall so there steps vary too which effect the general result of this question.?Mile is known as universal distance marker unit for the walkers as well as for the runners while measuring the activity they have performed. And as you all know that we live in the world where metric and imperial co exist so I am here including the measurement in both miles as well as kilometers in this article.?Let?s look at all the possible reasons that why would you be reading this article is it because if you are a runner and you have a daily activity of your running and you are curious to know how much you cover daily while you are running obviously you would keep track of that every day but do you ever know that how many steps do you run a day if you are runner and that question "How many steps in a mile are?" would be arising in your mind you would be wondering that how many steps do you cover in a mile or a kilometer.?May be you are just like others who have interest and habit of daily walking to keep yourself active and a study is almost published on weekly basis and the study advise all of us to keep our self active and current study suggests that we should be able to walk at least 10,000 steps every day, and it good be more than a fun target if you set up a target of walking 10,000 steps daily. A recent study suggests that a person who weighs around 70 to 75 kg and whose ages is around 45 can burn up to 400 thousand of calories if the person tends to cover those 10,000 steps at the speed of around 8 km. the 10,000 number seems so large, but this number do not give us any idea about how much distance actually we cover if we walk 10,000 steps, well let?s find out then.?How many steps in a mile we cover??Before I give you the idea about how many steps in a mile do we cover let?s focus on one other important thing and that is the steps varies as I stated earlier depending on the height and a size of a stride. Well it is obvious that steps covered by a 7 feet tall person would be much less then the steps covered by a 4 feet tall person while enjoying a casual or you can say normal walk however a general study suggests that 2000 walking steps or running steps can make up one mile then it means that10,000 steps makes up around 5 miles with a stride length of an average person and if you want to know that how many steps are in one kilo meter then the figure rounds up to 1,250 walking steps per kilometer.??
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