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Date: 22nd July 2016
How Many Weeks Pregnant Am I
How many weeks pregnant am IThere is no such way to know exactly when you are convinced and you want to know how many weeks pregnant you are and because of this most of the people including doctors and health professionals will tell you the date of your pregnancy based on you last periods occurred to you.?Most of the women always have this question in mind when they are expecting to be pregnant then they actually don?t know when is their actual date of the pregnancy and they have that question in mind that how many weeks pregnant I am and to the answer of that question If you want to check out how many weeks pregnant you are then use this measure you should try to remember when was the last time you got your periods started? And the first day of those periods you got, consider it as a day one of your pregnancy, you can also find out the your estimated due date by using our due date calculator?Some of the women who thinks of their self as pregnant they count their due date of pregnancy from the day they were feeling a little different internally in the stomach you can say ovulating during their pregnancy month. And this will give you an idea of the estimated date of conception, and it usually appears as about two weeks after the first of the periods. So it means that your pregnancy would be two weeks older if it is calculated according to the periods rather than estimated date you have calculated.?so that is the reason most of the health professionals, doctors and baby centers would tell you that you have been pregnant for more than two weeks longer then you really would have been.?What if I have irregular periods and what If I don?t remember the date of my last periods??Well the calculator which I earlier told you about it works perfect when your periods cycle is regular and normal and you get your periods days every 20 days then the due date calculator shows you almost perfect calculation. And if you have an irregular period cycle and you don?t get periods at regular interval and if your period?s cycle length varies but still if you count from the first day of your periods it may not give you the due date you can really rely on.?If you want to know the most accurate due date of your baby then your dating scan which is also the first ultra sound scan can give you the accurate due date. The doctors their can easily get the accurate idea of your due date by checking you scan during ultra sound and they measure your baby form head to bottom this is also called crown rump length and it always gives the most accurate result that how long you have been pregnant. You should do the dating scan when you are between 10th to 13th week of your pregnancy it is necessary and it is consider as a critical scan.?So women don?t have to worry much about the question that how many weeks pregnant am I because they can measure and calculate the due date now.??
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