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Date: 22nd July 2016
How Much Are Stamps
How much are stampsNow a day?s inflation is at record low but it does not matter because it is not holding back the royal mail, there is a slight increase in the cost of the stamps including first class stamps, second class stamps and as well as international stamps and there is slightly higher increase in the cost of international stamp then both the first class and second class stamp.?The price of first class and second class stamps up are increasing by just one cent from the end of march and it is stated by the postal companies because now a day?s almost every person has this question in mind who are fond of stamp collections or who uses the stamps more frequently that "How much are stamps" and people ask the question before the stamp prices are getting high and low now a day?s it is changing like more frequently.?Increase in the prices of stamps took the price of first class stamp up to $0.63 and that of second class stamp to $0.54 and that is the rise of 1.6 percent and 1.8 percent in the price of those stamps respectively and it is more than the expected increase of this month.?Latest figure?s reveals that on average the price of goods is rising at 0.3 % and it is the lowest since 1989.?With the inflation busting the cost of all the stamps have grown up and it has also increased the cost of sending larger latter?s and it?s price has grown up by 2 cents to $0.95 for the first class postage stamp and that is an increase of 2.1 percent and the price has grown by 1 cent up to $0.74 for the second class postage stamp and that is an increase of 1.4 percent.?And there is a good news in between and that news is for those people who still send the snail mail. The cost of send a first class medium size parcel is dropped down to the lowest price and the price for the second class small size parcel which was discounted before is still at the lower price.?People usually ask how much are stamps and the answer to that question is the prices of stamps are not stable they keep on changing with the inflation rate down fall. And it is one of the question asked by internet user most frequently about the stamps that "How much are stamps worth?" and there is no easy answer to that question because there is always a change in the prices of all the different stamps varies from range to range and the number of postage stamps issued by postal administrations worldwide has reached to approximately 700,000 different postage stamps and this number is increasing on daily basis. Most of the time people do not differentiate between the cheapest regular price of the stamp and the value able price of the stamp because people have that thing in mind while purchasing the stamp that how much were the stamps when they last purchased and that let them get the idea.??
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