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Date: 22nd July 2016
How Much Is My Car Really Worth
How much is my car really worthWell I would give you my opinions about the value or worth of a car and it may include some references from other sources but where ever you are buying a car from be it a car dealer or any individual or you can say private party there is one important thing you must know about the car and that is its current cash value means current net worth of the car. The current cash value depends on many factors that includes, age of the vehicle, condition of the vehicle, mileage of the vehicle, other additional equipments attached to the vehicle and most importantly the area where it is going to be sold and there are two prices for any of the used cars in the world.?1) Whole sale Value?The whole sale price is the lower price of the car and it?s a trade in value for dealer of the car and who will obviously sell it to some other person to get profit and it is a sure thing that the whole sale price is always lower than retail price of the car and you will never get? a used car for that price but it?s a rough idea of the cars price or it?s the figure you should know about it you are trying to sell your vehicle by yourself or if you decide to trade in your vehicle.?In the wholesale system , a car can usually get many prices for example one price of the car is which the dealer offer to the customer or buyer of the car, one price is a dealer to dealer price of the car means if a dealer is selling a car for the resale to another dealer and one price is the auction price of the car means if the car is placed to be sold in whole sale auction then there is auction price of the car and most of the dealers buy the auction cars? for the purpose of resale so in general what I want to say is the car goes through different phases of the price/value.?2) Retails Value?Retail price is the higher value of the car then whole sale value and this is the price of the car you usually except to pay if you are buying a car from a dealer because retail price includes the profit margin for the dealer and if you are directly buying a car from a private party without involving any dealer then you would probably be paying a lower price than the retailed price.?How to find the book value of the car?Well if you are buying or selling the car and you want to know the actual and true worth of the car than you should check the book value of the car. This figure can be found on the car websites where there is a section for used cars and guidelines and you can easily find the base retail price of the car and if you want to get more accurate book value of a car then you should consider the following factors like the condition or mileage of the car etc. ?You can also use the pricing guides or the news papers with the section of used cars on it with details.??
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