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Date: 22nd July 2016
How Much Should I Weigh
How Much Should I WeighA study suggests according to the Centre of Disease Control and Prevention that almost 69 % of the US population is overweight or you can say almost 2/3rd of the United State Population is dealing with the issues of getting more than required weight.?And it is really an alarming situation because most of the people are aware of the fact that over weighing leads to some serious health problems like diabetes, heart diseases and a usual risk of stroke.?According to Marjorie Nolan Cohn a spokesperson from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics "the medical community who uses the ideal body-weight calculations they are not realistic for most of the people because of those different reasons".?What?s the bones density of a person, how muscular a person is and where does the person carry weight all this should be figured in the ideal weight. The most commonly used weight calculator know as Body Mass Index (BMI) it doesn?t takes into account all those factors which I have mentioned because BMI is an online calculator for checking the weight and you just have to visit government website for online weight calculator and you just have to put your height and weight and it will tell you where your weight lies in the category of normal, overweight and underweight, and it does not calculate the actual body fat and your muscles or bones it?s just gives result on the basis of observations, so here a question arises is the Body Mass Index accurate??So here is test an informal test which will give you the idea how those figures matches to the reality and it includes some steps.?1. Calculate your Weight on BMI calculator and note the reading??????? You can start with -1 if you are underweight?????? ??????? You can start with 0 if your weight is normal?????? ??????? You can start with +1 if you are overweight?????? ?2. Calculate your hips to weight ratio?Experts prefer hips to weight ratio over BMI and it is because of the reason that people who carry their weight on middle part of their body can get affected with many health problems, so to calculate your H-W ratio you have to divide the smallest part of your waist that is below the belly by the largest area of your hips and If your score of ratio turns out to be less than 0.9 then keep your score the same and if your score is 1.0 or greater than 1.0 then add 1 to your total.?3. Focus on your genes??????? If you come from a healthy family then minus 1 from your score?????? ??????? If you are more bigger than the other family members or just like them then add 1 to your total?????? ??????? And if you comes from a healthy family but a skinnier one and you are skinny too then add 1 to you total?????? ?4. Are you Athletic or not??????? If you are doing weight lifting every day and you are muscular then minus 1 from score?????? ??????? If you are fond of running and you do run every day then keep it up?????? ??????? And if you are too lazy then add 1 to the score?????? ?5. Final Results??????? If your final score is positive and you think that you are overweight according to the BMI calculator then you are carrying more and it is a good sign for you?????? ??????? If your final score is in negative and you think you are under weight then it is a serious concern from you because you may have sever health problems.?????? ??????? ?
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