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Date: 22nd July 2016
How Much Water Should You Drink A Day
How Much Water Should you Drink a Day Our body is composed mainly of water and it is almost 60 % or I can say 2/3rd of the body liquid and we consistently loose our body water through sweat and urine. ? There are a lot of questions about the water that how much water should a normal human body consumes or you can say how much water is necessary for the human body to be in a normal form and the body is at par above the level of dehydration. ? Many doctors and health sciences authorities suggests to drink almost two liters of water a day and it is roughly equal to 8 glasses of water daily, but again there are a lot of self made doctors out there who keep on saying to drink water almost every 5 minutes whether you are thirsty or not. How much water does a human body wants, it depends on some factors of the human body be it internal or external factors which causes the need of water. If you drink too much less water than it can be a cause leading towards some serious health problem and you can suffer in a really bad manner and as well if you drink too much of water more than your need of water then it possibly can be injurious to health too. ? Most of the people claims that if they don?t drink too much of water then it effects their brain functioning and their energy level comes to the lowest level. ? And there are a lot of practical tests to support those claims, like there was a test on women body after the exercise the doctors recorded 1.36% of the liquid loss and it really affected her brain functioning like she started to get headaches and concentration loss, so we have to keep in mind that even 1 % of the body weight is a lot of amount of fluid and it is mainly due to sweating too much such as doing exercise in a hot or sun shine. ? There are some other claims that states if you drink a lot of water more than required water then it may affect your appetite and it may increase your metabolism. ? In some studies it shows that thirst response and urine wastage controls the amount of water in the body for example you get thirsty and you drink water and then you go to the toilet and release your urine and like this the cycle starts. ? Other studies show?s that drinking almost 2 liters of water daily can increase the energy in the body by about 96 calories per day. ? As I said earlier that drinking water may reduce your appetite so a study shows that if you drink water half an hour before taking meal it will reduce your appetite and you will consume less calories and especially if you are aged person. ? And it is observed that if you drink access of water before meal it may cause you a weight loss benefit and you may lose some weight if you are overweight while having a good diet. ? ? ? ?
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