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Date: 22nd July 2016
I Belong To You You Belong To Me
I belong to you you belong to meJohn was in college when he received his first credit card. He was an exuberant youth and used it indiscriminately and carelessly for quite a while. Then the bills started coming in and John knew that he was in deep trouble. His credit rating had dropped through the floor and there was no way he could get a good job unless he took steps to improve his credit rating. He had heard scary stories from other people about how they had been put out of business because of bad credit, it seemed like I belong to you you belong to me. He was on the internet one night when he came across a website that seemed like the answer to his prayers.I belong to you you belong to me , echoed in John?s head as he started gin through the website. They had an e-course on offer that promised to boost flagging credit ratings. They would teach you how to delete upto 150 days late-pays from your credit report. There was an automated budget system to track payments , incomes, bills , all without lifting a finger. There was a creative method of doubling your credit card limits with one phone call. There was a great technique to drive your score up an easy 75 points with a phone call. The e-course also had a little known secret to getting your credit card APR interest rates dropped to zero! There were tips on how to stop harssing phone calls, how to delete medical accounts off your credit report in 3 days and a strategic process to repair bad credit in 30 days. They promised to teach John how to negotiate with creditors to pay pennies on the dollar and have the negative marks completely removed from the report. The e-course even taught the exact process to getting a credit report for free an much more. I belong to you you belong to me thought John as he signed up for the course .?The course was called The Credit Repair Secrets for Canadians E-Course. Originally valued at $69.95 , it was now accessible at only $17. Along with it , John received free material like 23 tips to get approved for a loan e-book($39.95), How to eliminate 70% of your debt instantly ($39.95), the shortcut to boosting your credit score($29.95), 7 proven tools used to stop collection agencies($29.95). In three months? time , John was a changed man , a proud look had come into his face and never again did he have to face credit related issues .I belong to you you belong to me,he thought with a smile. His creditors had been paid off and his credit rating was far better than average. He went on to pay off the mortgage on his house and even purchased a brand new sports car that he had only dreamt of before.
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