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Date: 22nd July 2016
I Can Only Imagine
I can only imagineSandra was a struggling single mom whose husband had died recently and left her with a lot of bills to pay. On top of that she had bad credit, and when she talked to the credit bureaus and their financial advisors, all they could say was live with it for 5-10 years, till you repair your credit into good credit." I can only imagine thought Sandra. If only there was some magical way to clean up this mess, I can only imagine.Then she heard of the 7 weeks to 700 Legal Credit Repair that will Change Your Life book and how it?s practitioners had gone on to raise their credit scores more than significantly. She went online to read more about it and found out that the author ,Darrell Hornbacher was over a decade old in the field of credit repair and business lending. He has an unblemished record in the field of credit repair. Darrell?s wife had insisted that he help all the people he could with his knowledge but there was no way he could reach out to 55 million people. So by putting his knowledge into a downloadable program for sale on the internet was the logical thing to do so that people could repair their own bad credit. I can only imagine how bad the situation is, thought Sandra. Everyday, everywhere, people lose out due to low credit scores. For example on , dates are asking each other for their credit scores, apartment owners ask for credit scores, a person on the verge of getting a good job is rejected because he has ?bad credit score, the examples are endless. Credit Bureaus make their money by selling contact information of the people whose credit scores they compute. The system had worked for thousands of people over time and it would work for Sandra too, she thought. The system requires some work. Darrell charges his clients to do that work, but on the website, it was downloadable, so the user needed to do the work. Meanwhile while you?re busy getting negative credit information off your report, you have to be very alert that new negative information doesn?t come on.?Most clients spend 2 hours per week for 7 weeks to repair their credit. When Sandra purchased the 7 weeks to 700 System for $47, she got the following- 1>seven weeks to 700 ebook in Adobe Acrobat format.2> System for matching your credit report issues with tried and tested solutions.3> Forty seven attorney written customizable letters to credit Bureaus and creditors. Sandra was also provided with an userid and a password so that she could visit the site later if she wanted to. I can only imagine , she thought with relief. Within a few short weeks, her credit ratings had drastically improved and she was thinking of moving into a new apartment . It really made her happy that she had made the right choice.
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