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Date: 22nd July 2016
I Hope You Dance
I hope you dance???????? Does your foundation not even stay on unless you thoroughly clean your face? Do you have severe, cystic acne? Do you take recourse to rounds of Accutane before you manage to look like a "normal" person? I hope you dance. Behind your exterior, are you constantly paranoid about oiliness, breakouts and blemishes? Even though you look "OK" with your morning routine of skincare products, do you still feel trapped? Are you in your early 30?s and already showing signs of premature aging? Do you envy the mind numbing, gorgeous, ethereal glow that celebrities sport effortlessly?????????? The reason why you feel you?ve been excluded from the genetic lottery and not looking years younger as you should be isn?t because of what you?re putting on your skin; it?s what you?re feeding your skin. I hope you dance. If you?re like 99% of women, you haven?t been taught the right way to eat that turns back the clock, rebuilds collagen, erases wrinkles, fine lines, banish stubborn breakouts, puffiness and dark lines under your eyes. There?s a way to feed yourself younger, a way to starve wrinkles, acne and other skin problems out of your life. Feel your life change as you flood skin tightening collagen back to your neck, cheeks, eyes, lips, jawline and forehead. There are miracle foods residing on the grocery shelves that repair sun damaged skin, melt away age spots and get rid of patchy, discoloured skin. There are little things you can adjust with your food that make the beauty products on your cabinet and medicine shelf obsolete. I hope you dance. You have to know how to feed new, young, healthy skin to the surface and starve old, dying skin cells in a way that makes you feel you ate a cheat meal, at every meal. There is no ointment or cream that can better good, nourishing food. The skin is the largest organ you have. Even though you agonized over skin problems for years, help is here. The author of the Beauty Food Bible put years of research into all the different nutrients our skin needs to thrive and what foods contain the greatest amounts of these miracle substances. I hope you dance. Tracy shares her insights into the power of beauty foods and how to look 20 years younger without cosmetics, injections and surgery. She shows you easy to prepare, simple meals that melt and dissolve dry, flaky and patchy areas. You get to know about the 5 foods that provide the essential blocks to luscious and full bodied silky hair.????????? Just by itself, the Beauty food Bible will change your appearance , health and self-confidence for the rest of your life. Also included is Skincare Magic: natural skincare recipes that work wonders on the skin. You also get a collection of juices and smoothies recipes called Sip the Years Off Your Face: Revitalizing Juice and Smoothies Recipes. The regular price of this downloadable e-book is $97 but for you its available for a limited amount of time for a mere $29.95.In case you are not satisfied with the incredible results you?ll get to see within days , don?t fret, there?s a no questions asked , money back guarantee of 60 days. Get started on the road to a new you and in no time you?ll celebrate this decision.??????
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