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Date: 22nd July 2016
I Know Why Caged Bird Sings
I know why caged bird sings???????? I know why caged bird sings said Harry to Sally as they sat down to breakfast. They had been married for five years and Harry was having a hard time making ends meet. He was a used car dealer and times were hard. He was looking at other options of earning money but they seemed few and far between. I know why caged bird sings too replied Sally. "You need to invest in the market for things to look up". Harry knew Sally was right and he started surfing the net, looking for good investment plans.????????? I know why a caged bird sings, thought Harry. It?s because it?s missing its freedom to fly and make choices. Harry was trawling the net for information on investments when he came across The Investor?s Club 2016. Its founders, Sebastian Foliaco, Eduardo Naviliat and Hyenuk Chu had created an exclusive club of investors where Harry could receive live professional investors, market trends and real time analysis for him to make better investment decisions. Harry joined the Investor?s Club so that he could have technical analysis; know what options are investing in professional investors, to receive real time information, and to be more assertive with his investments. Most investors abandon their investment strategy for some of the following reasons: They do not have the time for daily market analysis, lack of knowledge in understanding investment charts, confusion with technical indicators, and a lack of understanding of fundamental analysis. Harry made the momentous decision of joining the Investor?s Club and now had professional investors doing the analysis and delivering it to him on a daily basis for him to make the best informed decisions.????????? Harry began getting first-hand information and thus became a better investor instead of a punter. He had access to private investor chats where he could better understand the market, see what was happening, comments from professional investors and daily market analysis videos. The monthly subscription fees of 147 USD did not seem too much for him as there was an unconditional 60 day period whereby he could get a refund of his money if not satisfied. I know why a caged bird sings he grinned; as he watched his income soaring and the smiling face of his wife, Sally. They bought a new Chevrolet which they had been planning to do for a long time and also a vacation home in Florida. Things began to look up and Harry was thankful that he had taken the right decision to join the Investor?s Club 2016. His lifestyle changed for the better and he could now afford to move out of his apartment and live in a new , posh house that he had been eyeing for some time.???????
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