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Date: 22nd July 2016
I Miss You
I miss you???????? The beauty Industry thrives on misconceptions and insecurities of women regarding how they look. 99% of topical products that women apply to their beauty regimen do not help , they make matters worse. Wouldn?t you like to step outside without any makeup at all and tie your hair, letting people notice your firm, glowing and smooth forehead, defined cheekbones and sculpted jaw and chin????????? There are some facts that you must know. I miss you. Your body is not designed to break down and look old as you age. Your skin and overall radiance is a barometer for something else happening inside of you. Lotions, creams, scrubs, bandages , botox and injectibles are like a band-aid that you put on a cut. It doesn?t? stop the bleeding. The fountain of youth will never, ever, come to you in a fancy little jar or tube you get at the beauty store. The cosmetic industry knows this and keeps marketing their solutions using celebrities and gorgeous airbrushed models. Don?t you know a few women who never leave the house without make-up? I miss you.Doesn?t that make you feel awful? The big secret that the beauty industry doesn?t want you to know are TOXINS, one of which is free radicals , swimming around in your bloodstream and making you look awful. They attack your cells thousands of times a day, every day , till your skin looks old ,wrinkled and saggy. Undigested food and too much glucose create a dangerous chain reaction inside the body. And all those balms , creams, tonics and serum that are marketed come with dangerous chemicals like Parabens, BHA and BHT , coal tar dyes, Parfums and Siloxanes. I miss you.These chemicals get into the blood stream and cause the toxicity that robs you of beauty. But there is a great solution to this mess. The good news is that your body renews its skin cells every 28 days. Imagine looking into the mirror in 28 days and seeing the most beautiful version of yourself you?ve ever seen? That?s a powerful and motivating thought. The Super Sexy Skin program helps you accomplish this. Achieving the Super Sexy Skin requires two steps of action, you have to get rid of the toxins in your body need and at the same time infuse an constant stream of nutrients in your bloodstream. In this exclusive program you get provided with all the instructions abd information necessary to make your skin look its best.????????? With Super Sexy Skin you are empowered to focus on creating radiant, supple and firm skin from the inside-out. It is a 123c page Bible that provides you with all the hormone specific food and nutrients that unmask your complexion?s inner beauty. Included in this program is a complete eating plan that will have you polishing off your plate with relish. I miss you. The hormone optimizing eating plan, the Shiatsu video and Body toning video are all broken down by age. Immediately download the Super Sexy Skin for just $ 69.95 and be on your way to natural beauty. If for any reason you?re not satisfied with how you look has transformed after only 28 days, you get a full money back refund. There?s nothing to lose and you stand to gain eternal beauty.
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