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Date: 22nd July 2016
I Spit On Your Grave
I spit on your graveI spit on your grave, thought Jenny as she lit up another cigarette. She was stressed out because of some recent money troubles. She wanted to put those behind her and start earning real money. Her friend had recommended an e-book for Jenny to read and when she got back home from work she fired up the internet, looking for the site. I spit on your grave, she thought again as she found the website.When she finished reading about the e-book , she was hooked. She had paid a paltry 11 dollars but to her it was worth thousands. The book explained that people needed to understand that money making was an art in itself. It is an acquired skill and it helped Jenny to grasp the fundamentals of making money, staying rich and turning useful advantages into money making opportunities. The e-book was written by an expert financial consultant and his way of explaining made it easy for Jenny to understand and implement. The book redefined financial freedom, with the writer presenting facts in a different manner. The e-book helped one to understand money management. I spit on your grave thought Jenny as she read on. The e-book promised to teach her how to handle her hard earned money. It explained that she needed to work in an intelligent fashion to earn more. The e-book was a standard guide for ways and means of making money online , and was an useful guide. Most people thought that investment was the way to make money but the book showed it was possible to make money without investments. The e-book had express tips for generating additional income. If one was to think of supplementing his income with a home business, the book showed the right path to tackle the business successfully and optimize the money. The book tells people how to handle credit cards, manage spending and still keep on earning money. Jenny couldn?t believe it, I spit on your grave, she thought. Banking is a niche sector that few know much about. The book explained many facts about banking and how to create earning opportunities. Even if one thought investment was the only way to get rich, then the book had investment advice too. It shows some unknown and effective methods to make money.Some months later, Jenny was a changed woman, she had had a sudden rise in her income and even then the book came in handy. It showed her if she was on the right path to being rich. The e-book came with a set of dos and don?ts that helped Jenny get excellent results in the future. Her run of bad luck had ended and she was a thankful woman , happy to know that she had for once taken the right decision to turn her luck around.
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