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Date: 22nd July 2016
I Want To Know What Love Is
I want to know what love isMelinda was in the university when she was first drawn to the gambling tables.I want to know what love is,she often told herself and for some time she thought that she had found it. It was the spinning red and black Roulette wheel that she loved, the thrill of chasing down the wheel till it stopped, and the immeasurable pleasure it gave her when she won. She had started with small amounts but as her hunger grew, she invested more and more. Like all gamblers, she told herself that tomorrow would be a better day , but on more days than not , she lost. This did not cure her of her love of gambling and it began to reflect on her job, family and her health.Her best friend Rachael was an amateur player of roulette as well and comparatively had done better than Melinda at the tables. I want to know what love is, Melinda asked Rachael. To which she said, love is knowing that what you give will come back to you. If that?s the case, Melinda said, I should have been a rich girl by now considering the amount of money I give away at Roulette tables. Rachael smiled and showed her a website of roulette winning strategies, betting methods, wagering schemes and gambling systems by Jacob Kanzen. Kanzen?s Roulette e-book contains a roulette system that had been devised to utilize the player?s turn of luck to generate a controlled rising advantage and stay ahead at all times. 30 years of experience went into the writing of this e-book. Melinda took to the book like a fish to water and began scanning the tips by Kanzen. In a game of chance, using a system is no guarantee of winning, but a well devised roulette system streamlines losses, controls winnings and has a strategy giving one an opportunity to be a winner. It eliminates losses and makes your throws more productive, you should also learn how to quit while you?re ahead. Also keep an eye on ho your opponents are playing for each of them has their own trademark style.Melinda began incorporating the tips she had picked up from Kanzen and in a few short days, she could see a difference in the way she was playing the game. By now she knew that the two major factors were your luck on the given day and when to call it quits. I want to know what love is,she asked Rachael again. Rachael said I want to know what love is too, for you it?s Jacob Kanzen for sure. Melinda smiled and hugged her best friend. Melinda?s Financial woes were behind her and she was a free ?bird.
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