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Date: 22nd July 2016
I Will Always Love You Lyrics
I will always love you lyricsI will always love you lyrics floated through the hallway as Jake wound his way through the crowd towards the Blackjack table. He was a plump, rotund man of about 45 and had recently quit his job as a car mechanic. His one true love was online gambling and he was very addicted to it. Of late, he was not doing well at the blackjack tables and attributed it to bad luck rather than lack of skill. Today, as well he had to cut down on his losses and make an early exit from the casino before he went broke. I will always love you lyrics thought Jake, not if I can help it. At the rate he was going at , he would have to stop playing before he went penniless.On the bus, he overheard two men talking about odds and cards. Bitten by curiosity, he edged forward in his seat and tried to take in more of the conversation. The men were talking about the Blackjack Crack System, something which he?d never heard of before. Overcome by an urge to know more, he introduced himself to the two men and asked if they could tell him more about it. Recognizing a fellow gambler, they grinned and made space for him to sit. They told Jake that it was not any of the recognized strategies like the Shotwell Gambling system, Fibonacci Numbers Betting Strategy or the Cross Gambling Strategy. The new strategy did not involve raising or lowering the bet, complex mathematical formulas, marking the cards or cheating. Jake was fascinated, especially when one of the men told him that he had been using the new strategy to great effect at blackjack tables.?Getting down from the bus, Jake hurried back home and ordered his copy of The Blackjack Crack System for $3.95 USD. The PDF e-book was about 13 pages long and took him an hour to go through. He was surprised to learn that he could pick up the new tactics very easily. He hummed the I will always love you lyrics as he showered, shaved and changed into his best clothes. time to see if this works , he thought optimistically as he drove over to the nearest casino he could find. A couple of hours later, Jake was richer by $400 and as happy as could be. I will always love you lyrics are lucky for me, he thought , as he drove off into the sunset. From then on he was a sureshot winner and his life completely changed. He bought a new sports car, and paid off the mortgage on his house. He went on to become a very successful garage owner himself, employing dozens of mechanics.
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