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Date: 22nd July 2016
I Will Always Love You
I will always love youSonny whispered I will always love you into the phone. On the other end, Claudia sniggered. "Why don?t you go back to your damn computer and the roulette wheel?? she asked. Of late, their relationship had been on the rocks , with Sonny being the chief architect of destruction. He was far too attached to online gambling, specially the Roulette Wheel and had of late lost a lot of money to the numbers which were not spinning right for him. Sonny put down the phone and switched on his computer. While listening to I will always love you by Whitney Houston , he played a couple of hands. He lost again.The next morning while going through his email, Sonny came across a recommendation of a program called the Roulette Interceptor. The program was made by a computer engineer and ?professional roulette player. The creator of the program was Marko Guiliani and he claimed that the roulette interceptor would master the roulette table for the player. Roulette is easy to understand but very difficult to master, and this is where the software comes in handy. Guiliani claimed that one could be cashing in and out of the game in as little as 10 minutes, beating the online casinos at their own game. The Interceptor told Sonny where to bet and how much to bet. Program updates were free for life . The best part was that Sonny could get the Roulette Interceptor for as little as $37 and it would allow him to make money 100 times faster. I will always love you ?Sonny said, as he began making money from the Roulette Interceptor. Sonny had to enter the numbers as they came and the Roulette Interceptor told him where to bet. Sonny stayed at the casino for half an hour exactly, and made $500, something that had not happened before. To make sure this was not just blind luck, Sonny visited the casino a while later after a few drinks and found out that this was a tried and tested method of making money.?The next day , Sonny took Claudia out for dinner. When she asked him what the occasion was , Sonny explained what he had learnt of the Roulette Interceptor and told her that he had wagered upto $100 for bigger wins, and the bill for dinner would be paid from the earnings. I will always love you , whispered Claudia. Sonny had been offered an 8 week money back guarantee if the software did not work but that was totally unnecessary because his lifestyle had changed for the better. Sonny now recommends this program to every newbie or experienced player who is looking to recoup their losses from online casinos.
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