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Date: 22nd July 2016
I Will Follow You Into The Dark
I will follow you into the darkFaith had grown up into a lovely and vivacious girl. She was an internet generation woman and had taken like a duck to water to online betting and gambling. The gambling industry uses the power of quickly emerging markets in offering its services to online casinos. Such is its overwhelming influence that Faith would say I will follow you into the dark when she was chasing a hot streak in blackjack. People mainly gamble for two reasons, for fun or for making money. For Faith, it was the latter. She was doing alright till she came across a rough patch. For about 3 months in a row, she was constantly losing money online, making rash and brash decisions which she otherwise was not known for. She would still say I will follow you into the dark before a game of blackjack , but it was with a lot less conviction.Faith was in the habit of going to the coffee shop every morning and one day she saw a stranger leafing through the pages of a book called "learn how to win at online classic blackjack in under 10 minutes", by a guy named David Nickerson. Excusing herself, she went up to the stranger, her curiosity heightened, and took down the name of the book for future reading. On ?her way back home , she picked up the book from the drugstore and hurried back. She had been losing at blackjack for a long time now and was desperate for help from any quarter, because for her , it was a source of income. I will follow you into the dark ?she murmured as she began leafing through the book. David Nickerson seemed to be asking the right questions; it made her frustrated that she could not win at online blackjack, she kept on following strategies that failed and it made her really furious.David, in his new book , had outlined his formula calculated by some of the world?s leading quantum mathematicians. "How to win at online blackjack" had 14 simple steps that showed Faith how to produce a successful account. The book was tailor-made for her. She was focused on earning money through online blackjack and the book showed her exactly how.?Within a year , she was earning a 5 figure sum and life could?nt be sunnier. I will follow you into the dark said she with new conviction. She paid off the mortgage on her house and got herself a brand new sports car that she took out on weekends. Friends would look at her wijth envy and wonder if she had chanced upon a magic lamp? To all their questions, Faith would only smile serenely.
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