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Date: 22nd July 2016
Martin Luther King Jr I Have A Dream Speech
Martin Luther King Jr I Have a Dream speechAs a traveler, one might want to know the history of the destination or country they want to visit, particularly the culture of the people, its geography, demography, climate, foreign relations, and the opportunities it can offer. Let me give you an oversight of the country Angola. This country is inhabited by hospitable people of different races and culture. It is situated in the southern African region between Central Africa and Austral Africa. Angola is part of the United Nations, the African Union and the South African Development Community. Although Angola is made up of multi-racial people, it has sustained its political stability in 2002, which has contributed to its stable economy, unlike other multiracial countries like the US. In Martin Luther King Jr.?s "I Have a Dream" speech, he deliberately calls to end racism in the country, which has become a defining moment of the American civil rights movement. Martin Luther King Jr.?s "I Have a Dream" speech puts emphasis on the need for freedom and equality as opposite to slavery and hatred towards the Black people.?Angola?s modern people originates from Portuguese colonization, which started with coastal settlements and trading posts in the 16th century. Due to the resistance of various groups like the Cuamato, Kwanyama and Mbunda, Angola, as a Portuguese colony, did not encompass its present borders not until the first part of the 20th century. History has it that Europeans began to settle in the interior portion of Angola in the 19th century. Currently, it has been reported that the country?s standard of living stays low for most people, while life expectancy and infant mortality rates are high despite its economic growth.On the lighter note, Angola is a good destination for travelers who like to be one with nature as the country has mysterious rock formations and thousand old trees. Travelers may also enjoy activities like Safari tours, recreational fishing and hunting. Foreign businesspeople may also visit Angola to know about its business opportunities for them, particularly its huge mineral deposits and petroleum reserves which are open for foreign investors. It has been said that there has been a lot of millionaires that began their life operating small businesses in Angola.Angola?s history should teach us how harmony and equality among the people can bring progress and stability to a country or community. I hope Martin Luther King Jr.?s "I Have a Dream" speech will not just remain a dream for beautiful and bountiful countries whose people are still experiencing issues of slavery and racism. I really cannot get over reading the script of Martin Luther King Jr.?s "I Have a Dream" speech as I kept on reminding myself how wondrous it is for him to deliver such one of a kind piece filled with dignity and courage.
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