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Date: 22nd July 2016
Why I Am
Why I amThis company gives courses to people to learn how to install motherboards, uninstalled equipment, repair laptops, troubleshoot keyboard, among other common problems that people have when operating a computer. I always asked myself why I am always tired and it's because he was in a wrong career. Now I know how to make more money by taking this course I also give a lot of knowledge in the area of the devices. I will not have to ask why I am always tired because I'll be doing my more efficient and more productive work. It is always good to be constantly learning new things.?This product is unique because it has the advantage of learning things that are really useful laptops such as USB ports, when you freeze screen, or teaches you how to solve common problems that people have all kinds of public today day communicates through laptops because it is the new way to make money. The University careers are very long and expensive this is a simple course that you can take at your own pace; you can be unemployed and yet make money promoting services of this business.?Has been so efficient these courses for me since I was without work doing nothing, now I repair all computers in the neighborhood and I earn my money from my own home, I learn enough technology and also to discover the mistakes of companies that repair computers why are not as successful as this project.You learn about the inner apparatus equipment.?Aside develop your technical skills and learn less theory. Always you learn theory but very basic not have to learn or memorize anything.I recommend this product for anyone who is tired of saying the phrase, "why I am always tired" because it is the ultimate innovation in learning both: 1- how you learn and 2- what you learn is really useful in the business world, how to know to install Hard wares, learning about the most frequent equipment failures and how to solve them. For a very low price and taking tutorials by doing things step by step "Why I am always tired" is going to be deleted from my words, now I?m going to study this brilliant bible, work ,do all this new courses and I can pay debts. You even can earn 200$ by selling computers. You can earn 45 $ for every client that needs help fixing keyboard or screen. You can even buy used laptops, repair them and earn some cash. It?s really the course of the future the knowledge that every person needs to acquaintance. This book is not intended to show how hackers break systems and computer networks, but to show how attackers can take advantage of your errors. This will allow you to prevent the common mistakes that hackers do.
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