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Date: 22nd July 2016
World War I
World War IComputers and internet have revolutionized the world we live and given us a boost in various field of activities ranging from day to day regular jobs to fighting battles in the battlefield. In world war i computers and technology was not available and battles were fought by men on the basis of recon and data they had available with very limited connectivity solutions. After the world war i nearly all the nations started building their technological advancement programmes to aid in developing better communication systems as well as computer that can be used. On example of this was enigma machines and other one and most notably the one that led to creating modern day computers is Turing Machines, named after the great British mathematician in honour. However, after the wars were over these machines and tech advancements have created more than mere war machines and aid mechanisms.Modern day internet websites and web pages are mostly created by using pre established Content Management Systems CMS like WordPress, Drupal, etc. Out of all these Wordpress is the most used and highly recommended one as it has highest number of add on features and very slick themes. The Wordpress provides you features like SEO, Advt, etc all inbuilt in one common interface that can be used even by newbies and beginners without any trouble but still we need to learn some features that can be very useful. Some books and guides claim to provide you tutorials on Wordpress but not all of them are helpful or useful.When i was trying to learn building my wordpress site i tried so many guides and queried so many online communities to find the best way and features to add to my site and the web pages but sadly i couldn?t find a single solution to all my problems and queries. After wasting hours of my precious time and money i came across The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Website With WordPress which gave me the right guidance and insights into the world of Wordpress and the web sites build and managed with this amazing CMS tool.Most people who have gone through the world war i history about intelligence network and usage of technology but what interests most people is the usage of computers and tech in post world war i age that created more devastating weapons and systems. But With The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Website With WordPress anybody can learn to build their wordpress site and thus take their first step into the world of Wordpress pages and site. The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Website With WordPress gives you precisely what you need and helps you in developing your ideas properly a must have for all the beginners in the business.
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